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Aaron Morris
Your chiropractor in Barcelona

My name is Aaron Morris. I was born in California and I’ve been practicing chiropractic in Barcelona since 2003. I was introduced to this amazing profession as a teenager after my mother’s chronic migraines were helped by a chiropractor.

Years later I decided to study at Life Chiropractic College West in the U.S., where I quickly discovered my calling: to help people live with the greatest health and quality of life possible though chiropractic.

Punt Vital
What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is one of the best-kept secrets in health care.

It is the largest natural health care profession in the world.  Studies show that chiropractic patients undergo fewer surgeries, need fewer drugs, and suffer fewer health concerns than the general public.   Unsurprisingly, chiropractic enjoys extremely high patient satisfaction rates.

This profession helps restore health naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery.  Chiropractic helps us better deal with stress, perform better in all areas of life and prevent future health issues. Regular chiropractic care dramatically improves the brain-body connection, increasing health and resistance from the inside-out, while decreasing our chances of getting sick.

"Medicine is about disease and what makes people die. Chiropractic is about life and what makes people live."

- Clarence Gonstead, Doctor of Chiropractic

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Punt Vital
Our approach: Health from the Inside-Out

As a chiropractor my focus is on improving health rather than treating disease.

Science shows us that chronic stress causes us to live in non-stop emergency mode, something human beings are not designed to do.  Stress knocks the brain and body out of balance.  This can lead to a weakened immune system and the appearance of diverse symptoms. For that reason, 9 out of 10 medical visits are for lifestyle and stress-related disorders.

Instead of simply treating pain and symptoms, I help bring the body back into balance naturally, increasing its ability to deal with stress, improving function and boosting overall health.

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Claudia BigasClaudia Bigas
15:51 23 May 24
My sessions with Aaron have been super positive. I have improved in quality of life and movement. Thanks to both of you!
Sofia BCSofia BC
15:45 23 May 24
I have known Aarón for many years and for me he has been the hand of a saint. That's why I remain faithful to its center. Both Aarón and Teresa are super professional.
Dr. Elizabeth SordylDr. Elizabeth Sordyl
10:23 23 May 24
Aaron is a master magician.I've had the pleasure of visiting his gorgeous office in Barcelona. His passion for his work is truly inspiring. Aaron has an incredible ability to connect with my nervous system, helping me feel more calm and connected. Highly recommend!
Agnieszka KaczmarekAgnieszka Kaczmarek
16:45 22 May 24
I can highly recommend Punt Vital. I have suffered neck and lower back pain feeling a constant compression on my spine. The quality of my sleep was affected. I was consulted by Teresa and she started to adjust my body. Already after few sessions the pain was manageable and over time, almost disappeared. Very professional, with online booking system and English speaking service when needed. I am grateful for your help both!
I felt better after the first session. Within a couple of months, the neck pain was almost completely gone. In my opinion it really works. Aaron and Teresa, thank you ❤️
Igor SirotovIgor Sirotov
09:13 21 May 24
Over the years of neck and back problems, I have forgotten how it really should be. I have tried different types of massages and sometimes it helped, but always for no more than a few days.Thanks to Aaron I am breathing through my nose like a normal person again, sleeping better and none of this goes away after a few days. I signed up for his course and every week I feel better and better. I also want to say that my posture and overall health has improved. He is a real master and I am glad I came to him.
ariel parraariel parra
20:31 14 May 24
They are very professional in everything they do, the workshops they organize are very interesting and in the consultation, you can tell that you are in the hands of experts.
Iaroslav GoldyshchukIaroslav Goldyshchuk
11:18 11 May 24
A right place to get spine related issues fixed or at least take them under control. Aaron and Teresa know how to do their job so a person taking an adjustment course here is going to feel better. My issues were a compressed upper part of my back including my neck; bad posture - the both of them get noticably better.
Josué MerinoJosué Merino
18:40 09 May 24
I am delighted with the treatment of Aaron and Teresa, they are great professionals and make you feel super comfortable at all times. I have noticed a great improvement since I have been with them, I recommend them!
Ana GarciaAna Garcia
18:18 09 May 24
They are very goodChiropractic changed my life
Eva CreusEva Creus
17:43 09 May 24
I started chiropractic more than 15 years ago for a sciatica problem, and it has become essential in my health care.
Vitor Gardini PatricioVitor Gardini Patricio
16:17 08 May 24
Teresa and Aaron have helped me solve issues i was battling for a while (1 or 2 years) and cannot thank them enough.Improved sleep, better energy, no more should pain are just some of what I got from Punt Vital!On top of that, both of them are great people, caring, warm and professional, making it a full package!!
Mercedes LaraMercedes Lara
18:26 07 May 24
I went to Punt Vital, because I had severe back pain, shoulders, neck pain, lumbar pain, sciatica, also a headache, and my left foot felt stinging when walking. Now those discomforts have disappeared, almost completely. Thanks to Aaron and Teresa. Chiropractic and human quality is excellent. I recommend 100%
Montse MorenoMontse Moreno
10:27 07 May 24
I only have words of gratitude for Aaron, the efficiency in his practice, his cordial treatment that makes you feel very comfortable in a very cozy space.Without a doubt he is the best professional in the city with very good training. He explains the steps of the treatment and the improvement is not long in coming. In my case it is almost a miracle!!!
Anna RødderAnna Rødder
16:08 30 Apr 24
My migraines and back pain is almost completely gone after just 5 weeks, can not recommend this place enough!
Mira NikolattiMira Nikolatti
17:38 29 Apr 24
Teresa and Aaron are really great chiropractors. They take their job seriously and listen carefully to your concerns. They do a fantastic job at making you feel better. If you need chiropractic care, I highly recommend them! 👏👏 please keep on doing such an amazing job!
Esther FernandezEsther Fernandez
16:53 24 Apr 24
Professionals with Capital Letters, thanks to chiropractic my life has changed. Not only have I stopped having back pain, but I sleep better, I am in a better mood, I have much more energy at the end of the work day...A before and after in my lifeMany thanks to the Punt Vital team!
Oskar Vidal RoyoOskar Vidal Royo
09:49 23 Apr 24
Aaron and Teresa are a dream team. The love, care and commitment for and with their patients is palpable in every visit. I started at their practice about three months ago due to recurring migraines and cervical pain, which required ibuprofen on a weekly basis. Session by session, headaches and pain are becoming a thing of the past and my only regret is that I wish I had come to Punt Vital years ago. Three weeks ago, Teresa also started helping my baby daughter (19 months old), who was falling down and/or bumping her head far too many times a day. Admittedly, I had my initial reservations about bringing such a young kid to the chiropractor. However, in just a few sessions we have witnessed leaps of improvement for her, the constant falling has disappeared almost completely and her agility has skyrocketed. In all honesty, I can’t recommend Teresa an Aaron highly enough.
Florencia EspínolaFlorencia Espínola
19:37 18 Apr 24
Both Aaron and Tere are excellent professionals and very human above all things.I have improved my posture and resolved certain ailments that limited me when it came to exercising.I recommend it 100%
Shivali SachdevaShivali Sachdeva
22:00 17 Apr 24
Can't say enough good things about Aaron and Teresa!! When I came here, I was very skeptical about chiropractic care. I had muscle tension in my shoulders and was getting opinions on what to do. Little did I know how much your spine affects many different aspects of your life! Sleeping well, mobility and reducing muscle pain is just scratching the surface. They educated me very nicely on the different aspects of your life and body that is effected by your spine. After just a few adjustments I not only slept better but my body actually began feeling like mine again. It helped with my digestion, mood, energy, food intolerances and the difference in my overall posture is astonishing. Honestly, don't think twice about coming here!! They're so caring, knowledgeable and passionate about their work and their patients. Thank you guys so much!
Helton MarcatoHelton Marcato
09:06 17 Apr 24
Aaron and Teresa are great professionals, my back pain practically disappeared since I started the treatment, my posture also improved a lot, I highly recommend Punt Vital Quiropràctic.
Mac LackeyMac Lackey
10:50 16 Apr 24
Aaron and Punt Vital have been a lifesaver for me since moving to Barcelona. I went from acute low back pain to feeling great under their care and expertise. Thank you!!
Jimmy KarlJimmy Karl
14:19 03 Apr 24
Very knowledgeable, caring and friendly people. If the pain doesnt go away right away be patient, there is a plan in place and it works, it helps with many different problems. The courses and exercises give you a better understanding about your body. Give them a try!
Julie SkochJulie Skoch
09:37 02 Apr 24
I would like to express my great gratitude to Aaron and Teresa for their high professionalism! After the second visit the tension in the part of the head went away. After the first course in chiropractic, my posture became much more straight. Thank you very much!
Taya Hawkins RangihikaTaya Hawkins Rangihika
17:07 01 Apr 24
As a karting driver, i am very used to back pain and stiffness :( so getting adjusted is so good. these guys constantly let my back and neck leave feeling much better then before so I can keep racing better :) Thank you guys heaps, and totally recommend for any athlete, especially expats coming to Barcelona!
03:24 30 Mar 24
Teresa and Aaron seem to me to be extremely attentive and dedicated chiropractic professionals, highly recommended.
Blue PhoenixBlue Phoenix
20:34 28 Mar 24
Great professionals and better people. They have helped me a lot with my migraines and my body posture.I would recommend it to everyone.
Toni Cotes VélezToni Cotes Vélez
16:15 27 Mar 24
How good it was for me to meet you! Since the first session my back has noticed it... with the progress of the sessions, improvements in my back and in my daily life... even the dialogue with my son Marti. I saw it necessary to take him too and the truth is that his postural improvement has been spectacular. Once the first 12 sessions are done, let's go for the next 12! Super grateful for our improvement and how good you make us feel in the consultation with everything that is perceived as good.
Martí Cotes GàlvezMartí Cotes Gàlvez
16:10 27 Mar 24
I've done very well. I started out feeling my back was heavy, now it doesn't anymore. The backpack felt very heavy before and now it feels lighter. Excellent treatment. It's very noticeable what they do.
Ana GAna G
10:02 26 Mar 24
Aaron and Teresa or Teresa and Aaron… they mean a great discovery for me. Professional, efficient, loving, careful, detailed, precise... And above all, very dedicated. In recent months my life has changed and I am lucky to see very significant changes in both my mobility and flexibility as well as my general well-being. Now I can say that I have a quality life. All that remains is to add years to life with firm steps. Did I say they are accurate? They are also precious and precious. Thank you Aaron and Teresa for knowing how to do, knowing how to be and knowing how to be.
09:25 26 Mar 24
I came here on recommendation. He had numbness in his hands and lower back pain. After 10 sessions my pain has significantly decreased. Teresa and Aaron are experts in the field. 100% recommended
Cassa - StudioCassa - Studio
12:04 19 Mar 24
I found Aaron and Tere very professional. The treatment and facilities were impeccable. I arrived with neck pain for many years with poor posture when working. After 12 adjustments I can now turn my neck without pain. I also had a lumbar puncture for months and it has disappeared in just a month and a half of adjustments. I recommend their services 100%
Sus GarcíaSus García
17:40 18 Mar 24
I arrived with a strong stabbing pain in the center of my back that improved with anti-inflammatories but that returned from time to time and already fed up, I decided to try another alternative. I went to them and the truth is that I am very happy because the pain (which did not even allow me to get out of bed) has completely subsided. It has been an intensive and patient process but it has been very worth it. Now I am in the consolidation phase to maintain my results and continue improving. Both are great professionals and treat you very closely. I recommend them 100%!
Rohit MistryRohit Mistry
10:14 10 Mar 24
I've been attending Punt Vital Quiropràctic for almost 4 years. Having a heavy travel schedule it has been beneficial to have adjustments to release built-up tensions and stress. Aaron is a true professional and always provides warm, positive energy that makes every visit worthwhile. Thoroughly recommended!
Guadalupe HeineGuadalupe Heine
18:07 07 Mar 24
More than satisfactory experience. Teresa and Aaron are very professional and have a very nice energy, and the space is very warm.In 12 sessions I already notice many changes in my body, very happy!
Reinaldo VeraReinaldo Vera
10:45 07 Mar 24
I highly recommend all topics related to spinal discomfort, dizziness and fatigue with Punt Vital, incredible professionals and committed to the well-being of their patients.
19:40 06 Mar 24
If you have a back problem, it is the right place
Mccoy RamosMccoy Ramos
19:03 06 Mar 24
I had a stroke in 2021 and half of my body was paralyzed. I experienced a lot of pain on my back and right shoulder. I really had a hard time especially when working so my suggested Punt Vital and it did not disappoint me. (Word of mouth is very powerful)When I first visited Punt Vital I can’t barely move and the pain is excruciating. After my sessions there’s a huge improvement and I’m very happy about it.Can I also say that Aaron and Teresa are the sweetest!!! They are very professional, accommodating and they will make you feel like a family, which I really appreciate. And they listen 💜The Best Chiropractor in Spain. I highly recommend Punt Vital.
Miquel Guarro CarrerasMiquel Guarro Carreras
17:20 06 Mar 24
Very professional and attentive treatment, desire to improve helping people.
Marta MugicaMarta Mugica
09:08 05 Mar 24
I went to the clinic because I could only turn my neck to the right, with an adjustment I feel much better!!I will return to improve my posture and put less pressure on my back.A professional and familiar treatment that makes you feel very comfortable, thank you millions!
Luciana VecchiarelliLuciana Vecchiarelli
15:53 01 Mar 24
A before and after thanks to Teresa and Aaron. I went to the center for my neck pain and bad posture, looking for an alternative to feel better. Thanks to the intense work we did for a month, I have achieved great changes. All of these changes have been super positive and although I still have areas for improvement, I have never again suffered from that intense cervical pain that I came to the consultation with. Very grateful for how professional Aaron and Teresa are. They have helped me a lot and I am sure that I will still feel much better thanks to them.
Steve CangSteve Cang
21:19 28 Feb 24
Since having the chiropractic services from Aaron and Teresa 5 months ago, I have noticed my posture improved and I get less headaches or migraines.My shoulders appear more even and my hips do not go forward as opposed to before. I suppose this is also partly thanks to the consistency and commitment that I have put into my daily "poses" that they have instructed me to do, as well as the breathing exercises, and to remember to stand and stretch after sitting for so long.I still have a bit of urge to "crack my neck" after a few days of my adjustment, so i am looking forward to fully getting rid of that. I hope I remember to revisit this comment later on once I have new updates.
Rebeca GrateronRebeca Grateron
18:01 28 Feb 24
I arrived with a lot of pain and almost no mobility, after a short time you can feel the difference.Teresa and Aaron are very professional and friendly, they accompany you during the process.I am happy with the progress
Jonathan ElronJonathan Elron
20:45 27 Feb 24
Teresa and Aaron are fantastic. They helped me a lot, I’m very grateful. Highly recommended!
Angela TrementozziAngela Trementozzi
20:23 27 Feb 24
I highly recommend Punt Vital Quiropractic.I have received chiropractic care for most of my life and have never before experienced the care I am presently receiving at Punt Vital. Aaron and Teresa have designed a plan to help correct my specific problems and I have seen significant improvements and have considerably less pain. They also encourage daily self care giving guided exercises. Above all, they are compassionate, very personable, sincere and treat each person with genuine care and respect.
I came across Aaron by chance... it was two years ago. He really is a great person and professional...he exudes positive energy and a lot of affection...something that is beginning to be lacking. And yes... without working miracles it is helping me with my back and in general with my body. It's worth it !!
Yvette FernandezYvette Fernandez
16:50 26 Feb 24
Here you can be sure that your migraines and back pain will disappear and your physical posture will improve significantly if you consistently follow the instructions, exercises and adjustments of Aaron and Tere, both of them are great professional chiropractors with a lot of experience who offer you a lot of confidence, peace and peace of mind to free you from your pain. Put yourself in their hands and your health will improve enormously.
V cV c
10:50 23 Feb 24
I consider that I am very lucky to have discovered chiropractic at the hands of these authentic professionals, little by little I am improving and I feel good, thank you very much Teresa and Aarón.
Alexander Van VianenAlexander Van Vianen
18:03 22 Feb 24
Excellent professionals, I have improved week after week and from the first session you already notice the difference.
Yolanda LaraYolanda Lara
22:37 20 Feb 24
Years ago I had a minor car accident, in which I had whiplash and deviation of the cervical vertebrae. For many years, during times of work stress or when I gained a lot of weight, I suffered from neck pain and strong muscle contractures in this area, and sometimes I even felt pain in my lower back. I had previously tried all kinds of treatments with physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, dry needling and they solved my pain temporarily but again when I suffered periods of stress, the pain and muscle contractures reappeared. Since I have come to PUNT VITAL with Aaron and Teresa, my contractures have decreased greatly and my cervical and lumbar pain has disappeared. The spinal adjustments, together with the exercises performed at home, have helped me achieve continuous and sustained improvement over time in my spine. They have also managed to correct my cervical alignment and I feel a greater opening in my shoulders. I definitely recommend to everyone who suffers from back pain to go to PUNT VITAL and put yourself in the hands of Aaron and Teresa. They are two great chiropractic professionals, kind, loving, empathetic and at all times they make you feel confident and that you are in the best hands. Thanks to Aaron and Teresa for improving my quality of life!
I've been coming for a few months and the truth is that the adjustments have become a fundamental part of my daily life.I have noticed improvements in my migraines and pain caused by my scoliosis and I can't imagine giving it up right now!Thank you!!
Irene AzpelicuetaIrene Azpelicueta
10:22 20 Feb 24
Very happy :) both for the treatment of Aaron and Tere, who are very good professionals: close, friendly and who transmit confidence, and for the results I have experienced: on a physical and mental level.
Isa BustamanteIsa Bustamante
18:00 18 Feb 24
Very professional people. Since I have been going I have noticed an improvement in the pain I had.Without a doubt I would go again, 100% recommended.
Daniel RoblesDaniel Robles
17:26 15 Feb 24
I came here because of episodes of recurrent migraines and lower back pain. I have improved in both aspects. The treatment is excellent and the results even better. They are flexible and mold to you. Thanks for everything
Euge SerioEuge Serio
16:03 14 Feb 24
I can only say good things about this place, experienced, up-to-date professionals and personalized service that make everything work.I highlight the holistic approach with which they carry out the entire treatment, they provide tools that help us in daily life, in addition to relieving the ailment for which you consult.Thank you Aaron and Teresa for making my pain go away and I can finally do things I couldn't do again! Thank you thank you thank you.
rafael freitasrafael freitas
17:42 13 Feb 24
Super recommended, the perfect treatment!
Jonas TreubJonas Treub
09:50 08 Feb 24
I’ve just finished my first 12 sessions and I’m feeling so much better after a day behind my computer. Also haven’t had any issues getting out of bed during the cold months.
David IbañezDavid Ibañez
18:05 01 Feb 24
I had had back pain for a year and they recommended Punt Vital to me. Putting myself in their hands has improved my daily life, the pain has disappeared and even my mood has been brightened. Now it's my turn to recommend them to myself!
Alyona DegtyarAlyona Degtyar
20:37 31 Jan 24
A place with a good spirit and atmosphere. Teresa and Aaron are extremely friendly! I was having difficulties getting pregnant and almost in the end of the course miracle have happened! Thank you, guys!
Thais SouzaThais Souza
14:17 30 Jan 24
Punt Vital Quiropràctic provides exceptional care! Tere & Aaron are incredibly knowledgeable and caring, and their treatments have brought me significant relief from my pains.Highly recommend for anyone seeking top-notch chiropractic care in Barcelona!
Tomas RamoskaTomas Ramoska
07:55 18 Jan 24
These guys really know their craft, and know what they're doing. I can certainly recommend them :)
Gabriele M. MainenteGabriele M. Mainente
10:11 17 Jan 24
Aaron and Tere are fantastic people and very professional. Every time I go to the center they greet me with a smile and a desire to help me. My posture has improved a lot, and so has my back pain. 100% recommendable.
I only have words of gratitude for Teresa and Aaron. Not only have I improved physically, I also feel much more positive and happy.
William TrementozziWilliam Trementozzi
13:22 11 Jan 24
I have been under chiropractic care since I was 18 years of age in both Europe and the United States. I am now 63 and I have never had the kind of care and excellence as I have found in Dr. Aaron Morris and his co-partner Dr. Teresa. I have more energy, flexibility, and hope for long-term health, than I have in many years. I highly recommend Punt Vital Quiroprátic! Hands down “The Best”!
Mireia SangenisMireia Sangenis
20:48 09 Jan 24
My first experience with a chiropractor! I went there for a constant stress headache that wouldn't improve even with ibuprofen. I noticed improvement from the first session! Thank you Aaron for your attention and passion for your work, you convey a lot of confidence and it shows in the result!
McStephen DadzieMcStephen Dadzie
16:48 09 Jan 24
What an amazing company built by amazing people who really care for the improvement of each of their patients. I came here with a pinched nerve pain that made it impossible to even sit in the lobby while waiting - a pain that I had before and thought had improved. Punt Vital took a very holistic approach to understanding what could be causing this issue really focused on a treatment plan that would improve my mobility in a more sustainable and foundational way. Not only have I seen a huge improvement, but they made this journey really easy and as if they were a partner in my progress! Highly recommend!
Zee CZee C
17:19 02 Jan 24
I came to Punt Vital Quiropráctic with so much tension and pain plaguing me. Now, though I never could’ve imagined it, I’m living pain-free and am more active than ever. Do your body a favor and book an appointment!!!
12:24 28 Dec 23
Without a doubt, putting yourself in the hands of Teresa and Aaron has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. After 12 sessions I have noticed a huge improvement in both cervical pain and postural hygiene, and what still lies ahead! Highly recommended without a doubt!
Erika SantanaErika Santana
19:00 20 Dec 23
I cannot stress enough how good the service is, Tere & Aaron are great professionals and always making sure everything runs smoothly. I had a specific calendar situation and they made their best to adjust the sessions. I’ve been doing 5 sessions so far and is one of the best investments I’ve done so far :)I came here with lower back and neck pain and it has improved already just with a few sessions.I’ve been recommending it non stop since I started to colleagues and friends and would highly recommend it to anyone else.
Jesse LeSuerJesse LeSuer
00:20 20 Dec 23
Not a registered patient, but they treated me regardless. I feel immensely improved. Chiropractors vary in skill, and this one stands out as exceptional.
Oscar NavarroOscar Navarro
17:15 19 Dec 23
Since I started treatment with them I have noticed a substantial improvement. Before I had almost no mobility. Now I walk without problems, I can run and even jump. I am also much more encouraged by not living with back pain every day.In addition, the treatment is cordial, personal and they care to ensure that you are well at all times.
Van CegielaVan Cegiela
16:34 14 Dec 23
Very satisfied!!👍👍❤️❤️
Jordan LukinJordan Lukin
11:23 27 Nov 23
Theresa was able to accommodate my dad and I for quick adjustments on our trip. The team here is very friendly and gave us good results. Will return next time I’m in Barcelona.
Angustias GilAngustias Gil
18:34 21 Nov 23
It is a nice place with very professional people.My experience is that it works for my back pain, although it still hurts, but much less, without finishing the treatment.
Mostafa EL MokademMostafa EL Mokadem
12:24 17 Nov 23
I had a very good experience at Punt Vital. Aron has helped me a lot with my back problems.His sessions have helped eliminate my back pain, and the follow-up exercises contributed to huge improvement in my posture and mobility.I highly recommend the center and following the program to get long-term benefits.
Priscila LópezPriscila López
19:34 15 Nov 23
Deciding to treat myself with Aaron and Teresa has marked a before and after in my life and in the lives of those around me.Years of treatment, medications, physios, rehabilitation...Nothing was ideal, my pain did not improve, and my mood was getting worse.I will never forget the feeling of the first adjustment. I left feeling like I had grown a few centimeters and I couldn't stop smiling, I felt like I was drunk, I looked up again, enjoying the simple return home.I have finished the second phase after a few months of adjustments and I feel angry for not having known them before and having found a solution to all my pain, from the jaw to the feet, including cervical pain, scoliosis, constant lumbar pain, digestive pain... Consequently, my mood has returned to Top and I have recovered my happy personality and desire to live.I have no words, only gratitude. I wish I had been treated sooner, such an "easy" solution and so many years of suffering.Aaron and Teresa have been my miracle this year.
Kornela DuszakKornela Duszak
08:55 11 Nov 23
I’ve had an excellent experience so far! I initially sought treatment for numbness in my hands, and Teresa’s expertise and care significantly reduced that issue. Additionally, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my overall posture, which was one of my main goals. The combination of exercises as part of the treatment plan was a pleasant surprise, as they not only helped in addressing my physical concerns but also provided an effective way to manage stress. I highly recommend Teresa and her chiropractic services for both physical well-being and stress relief.
Abbi TaylorAbbi Taylor
10:22 09 Nov 23
Aaron and Teresa are not only incredibly professional, but are the most empathetic people I have ever met in this profession. They understand your needs, your frustrations, and it really does feel as though you are working in a team that is dedicated to making you not only feel better, but also to maintaining the hard work you put in. I couldn’t be happier with how things are progressing, and would advise anyone who has long term, unresolved issues to run (not walk!) to Punt Vital! 😊
Katerina GorgievskiKaterina Gorgievski
16:39 11 Oct 23
Hands down the best chiropractor in the city! Aaron and Teresa are an amazing team who really go the extra mile for their patients. You are a person instead of a number, they care for you, they listen to you and really strive for best results for both short and long term. I love the personal touch and how easy going everything is. Just finished my first 6 weeks and I am already noticing so much improvement. Thank you and looking forward to our next session!!!
Sonia GonzálezSonia González
17:32 22 Feb 23
After only one and a half months, I am beyond ecstatic with the results. Aaron is incredibly attentive and professional, delivering a level of support that exceeded my expectations. As a result of his expert guidance and skill, my pain has been significantly reduced, leaving me in a state of awe and disbelief. The adjustments are tailored to my individual needs and goals, resulting in an experience that is both remarkably effective and refreshingly spontaneous. In summary, I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone seeking relief from back and neck pain and a supportive, empathetic environment to facilitate their journey to recovery. Thank you Aaron for your unwavering commitment and dedication to my wellbeing.
Marianella CarrilloMarianella Carrillo
12:37 12 Jan 23
Aaron has changed my well being in a matter of two months. First time trying this discipline and the results are impressive. I had an important cervical pain, insomnia, headaches, a lot of anxiety and in general I felt lacking energy and focus on my daily life. After two months of visiting Aaron and integrating good habits to my life, my posture, my energy, my mobility and my health in general are so so much better. I couldn’t recommend a more profesional, good-spirited and kind person than him, who always makes you feel in the best hands.
Felix HenselFelix Hensel
11:30 30 Nov 22
I had a great experience at Punt Vital. After just one treatment I feel a significant increase in mobility and pain reduction in my neck. Aaron Morris is exceedingly friendly and eager to help and the atmosphere in his treatment space is very calming. Highly recommended.
Robert GeurtsenRobert Geurtsen
15:22 28 Nov 22
Aaron is a great professional who deserves all these reviews. I have visited other chiropractors in the past to deal with aches and pains having suffered from headaches and neck issues for years. Unlike Aaron, they never really looked into the source of the problem so much. It is obvious that Aaron's techniques and approach work. Although still work in progress, at least I'm making good progress thanks to Aaron. Just wish I'd gone sooner! He also happens to be a nice guy which is great.
Robert KempRobert Kemp
18:03 27 Oct 22
Aaron was enthusiastically recommended to me by my former chiropractor in Berlin. I have received regular chiropractic care since I was a child in Canada. I can honestly say that Aaron is one of the best chiropractors that I have experienced, and I feel lucky to have been referred to him. I have a few chronic injuries and under his care I have noticed a big improvement. Both my body and my mind feel rejuvenated after each adjustment :-)
Amanda MacKinnonAmanda MacKinnon
11:03 30 Sep 22
Aaron is fantastic. I have had many chiropractic treatments over the years and Aaron is one of the best. Not only is he very knowledgeable and skilled with his technique, he's also warm and welcoming. I always leave his practice feeling peaceful and rejuvenated.
Javier CastilloJavier Castillo
15:20 02 Sep 22
I highly recommend Aaron. He has helped me improve my posture, flexibily, and overall well-being after only 1 month. And he is a professional and caring chiropractor that really knows what he is doing.
Mister TigreMister Tigre
15:54 09 Aug 22
Have had myself totally 14 adjustments with Aaron and i am very satisfied for the work he did. I had problems with vertigo, back pain , and fatigue and all the things improved after the visits with him. He is also a very cool polite guy. Recommended.
Mariano UrquiaMariano Urquia
09:19 27 Jul 22
I had my first chiropractic experience and treatment with Aaron. I started with 2 times a week for 6 weeks. I have been suffering from headaches due to the state of my cervicals and all the muscles involved in that area. After this intensive treatment I no longer have it. My posture changed, I am more aligned and more aware of it. But this therapy is not only physical, it is also emotional, it works on the nervous system, giving space, unblocking the circuits, allowing the energy to flow better and Aaron knows how to do it. He is a great professional and a very good person. It has been a great experience that I will continue. Highly recommended :)
Salvatore Delle DonneSalvatore Delle Donne
16:42 24 Jul 22
Aaron deserves five stars without question. His work is impeccable and has improved me a lot. In addition, he has a professional and human approach, always puts you at ease and is ready to help you with any doubts. He doesn't just focus on the act but makes you understand how to manage your body daily!
Galia ShokryGalia Shokry
07:48 07 Jul 22
Coming to see Aaron for help with my back issues turned out to be much more than I expected, much more than a few cracks and adjustments. He is really dedicated to making it a holistic experience, and he inspires your motivation to go along. Over several weeks I noticed greater freedom with my body, better posture and flexibility. I've been doing things again thatI'd stopped since pregnancy, like dancing and biking, and feeling less overwhelmed by taking care of my son. It's been a wonderful experience that I will continue in order to maintain this wellness. Thanks, Aaron!!
Marco RossiMarco Rossi
19:13 09 Jun 22
Best in town! Aaron is professional and delivers. Simple as that. I feel less pain, more energized and looking forward for the future. Great relaxing atmosphere he provides. I definetly recommend.
Nina LimonadiNina Limonadi
09:10 26 May 22
Aaron has been such a great help in my life. He is a native English speaker(which was necessary for me). He is a super friendly and a skilled chiropractor. My back pain was almost unbearable when I started my sessions, months later I’m feeling like a new person. Thank you so much Aaron
Helena LimHelena Lim
08:51 24 May 22
I greatly appreciate Aaron’s attentive and holistic approach to care and wellbeing and the calming and serene atmosphere that he creates for the people coming through his practice. Like many, I spend several hours a day in a sedentary position in front of the computer, and am not always fully aware of the slow but perverse affects this can have, physically and emotionally. After just a handful of sessions, I became a lot more aware of my posture and how minor shifts and adjustments in mindset and habit can make big changes. These sessions are not a one-time fix, but are now part of a more intentional approach towards self-care, knowing that my spine and everything that flows from there, are well taken care of!
Fredrik MarklundFredrik Marklund
20:41 26 Apr 22
I came to Aaron at Punt Vital because of lower back issues and a locked up hip that caused severe cramping in my thighs when walking down stairs and running. Aaron gave me an initial adjustment that immediately removed whatever caused my body to lock up and he recommended to come back twice a week for six weeks. I just had my last session and I feel so much better than I ever could’ve anticipated. My chest area is more open which allows for me to breathe better. This is crucial for me as I do a lot of endurance cycling so it has helped a tremendous amount for my sport. Also my lower back pain is sorted so I can now perform way better and feel much stronger. Aarons approach is also more than just physical. He implements a holistic approach and works with mental improvement as well as physical which has worked wonders for my life off the bike as well. I’ve never been in better physical shape and I’m 39 years old. I will keep coming back to Aaron for a long time.