Chiropractic today.

With a solid scientific basis, chiropractic is considered by the WHO to be the world’s third largest health profession; it is practised practically all over the world and is regulated by law in more than 100 countries.

Chiropractic is concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and is used to treat and prevent a variety of different ailments and to improve people’s state of health by helping the body to enhance its natural recuperative abilities, without resorting to medication or surgery.

Chiropractors all over the world, and of course chiropractors in Barcelona, work with the spine to correct misalignments (better known as “impingements”) that occur when one or more vertebrae lose their alignment and mobility and cause interference in the spinal cord or adjacent spinal nerves, altering the flow of information between the nervous system and the rest of the body systems. The result is a decrease in our body’s natural ability to adapt and react to the environment.

When a chiropractor gently corrects these imbalances, it helps the brain to be more accurate, to better see what is happening in the rest of the body so that it can respond quickly and effectively.

"Chiropractic care allows our nervous system and our immune system to communicate with each other more clearly, keeping them balanced and healthy".

Aaron Morris

7 keys to choosing a chiropractor in Barcelona

Choosing a chiropractor in Barcelona is like choosing any other professional we need, whether it be a psychologist, a mechanic or a lawyer. The ideal would be to get it right the first time but we know that this is not always the case and a bad choice can lead to a bad experience that makes us think that all chiropractors are the same. However, you should not give up, you have to be patient and keep looking to find another one with whom you feel comfortable and who can help you solve the problem you have, whether physical or emotional.

To choose the most suitable chiropractor, it is very important to find out about their training and professional certification, but also to make sure that the space where the therapy is to be carried out meets all the specific requirements and has the necessary elements for the development of the activity.

Below, we will detail the most important questions to take into account when choosing a chiropractor:

1. Academic background

Chiropractic is a fairly recent discipline in Spain and not all those who call themselves “chiropractors” have the appropriate qualifications, so it is very important to check that the person in whose hands we are going to put ourselves has studied at a university that offers a degree in this speciality.

Their qualification should be displayed in the surgery so that patients can see it in the same way that we can see those of any other health professional and, if they do not have it on display, it is your right as a patient to ask them to show it to you.

It is also advisable that the professional you choose is a member of the Spanish Chiropractic Association (AEQ). The AEQ, founded in 1986, brings together only graduates and doctors in Chiropractic whose university degree has been issued by one of the universities recognised by the European Council of Chiropractic Education, which certifies that they are professionally qualified to work on something as delicate as the spine.

2. Experience and continuous training

Just as there is no substitute for experience, there is nothing worse than a professional who is fed up with his work.

The best chiropractors in any city in the world, be it Barcelona, Madrid or New York, are those who combine years of experience with continuous training. Being at the forefront of research and familiarising themselves with the latest advances in the profession allows them to always be improving the skills they have acquired throughout their careers.

In my case, I fell in love with chiropractic in 1998 and it has become my greatest passion ever since. In addition to my practice, I conduct professional training seminars for chiropractors around the world to help them do as well with their patients as I do with mine.

3. References

References are always important in all areas and when it comes to health even more so. The ideal is to follow the recommendation of someone close to us who we trust and to check the reviews that the chiropractor may have on the different social networks. You can find mine here (Google Review Aaron Morris, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

4. Accessibility

Finding a chiropractor in your city, close to your home or work, is a good option but not the only one, as the nearest chiropractor will not always be the most suitable for you. Distance should not be a limitation to go to the best possible professional, so do not hesitate to invest some of your time to go to a consultation that best suits your needs, even if it is outside your immediate environment.

5. Technical / Specialisation

Patients have the right to know what is going to be done to them when they come to a consultation, so it is essential to be informed about the technique used by the chosen professional.

Within chiropractic there are different techniques, some use devices and others are manual, some are extremely gentle and others are more intense, some are more focused on treating the physical aspect and others on the emotional aspect.

And it is important to point out that there are also specific techniques for working with babies, children of all ages, sportsmen and women, the elderly, etc. In any case, the most important thing is the results and that you feel good with the technique used.

6. Preventive care offered

Your chiropractor in Barcelona, in addition to solving the current problems and helping you feel better as quickly as possible, should work on the prevention of possible new episodes to prevent them from recurring in the future.

In my case, I offer you three levels of chiropractic care, the 3 P’s of chiropractic:

In the first, Pain, the goal is to eliminate pain.

The second is Prevention. Once that improvement is achieved, the next is to prevent the problem from returning in the future.

And finally, my work is geared towards achieving the third “P”, Performance. It means experiencing high levels of vitality, health and happiness and a sense of satisfaction in life, what I call living a +10 life.

7. The human factor

As in any field of work, the chiropractor is an ordinary person, with his or her faults and virtues. The human component is always present and it is important to understand that not all chiropractors in Barcelona are the same, so it is possible that the chiropractor that works very well for you may not work for your neighbour and the one your friend likes may not seem so good to you.

The important thing is that the person you choose to treat you gives you confidence and that you are also willing to give it to him/her.

Our philosophy

Despite receiving practically the same teaching, the philosophy can be different. Chiropractors in Barcelona are basically divided into two very different groups: structural and vitalist. The former are more focused on the symptoms and their disappearance, while the latter are more oriented towards finding the root of the problem, considering the human being as an inseparable whole and intrinsically united in all its parts.

At Punt Vital we align ourselves with the latter, the vitalists, and consider the individual as a whole from a physical, mental, emotional and energetic point of view, so that if one of these parts becomes unbalanced, the rest will also be affected.

This is why our patients not only receive spinal care, stretching guidelines and other complementary exercises to improve physical health, but we also offer free lectures where they receive advice on emotional health issues.

The choice of a chiropractor in Barcelona is absolutely personal. The important thing is not to rush and think about the decision, making sure that the professional recognises and understands your problem and knows how to help you improve your condition. It is not always easy to find a good chiropractor and, honestly, I would love you all to find the one that suits you best and enjoy the experience.

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